Clare Gaskin Interiors

How We Work

While no project or budget is the same, the journey we take with our clients is outlined below:

Getting to know you

Our initial consultation is free of charge and typically on site. Here, we get to discuss the project brief. We work hard to understand your personality, aspirations and style so as to visualise your perfect interior – You talk, we listen. We explain what services we offer and on a practical level, explore scope, budgets and timescales so as to flag any potential issues in advance. Post meeting, we will provide you with a written proposal outlining the various phases of the project and associated fees – Our design fees are time based and pre-agreed.

Concept Design

Following instruction, we do a site survey to validate the project brief prior to concept design.

We aim to meet regularly during the design phase and like to hold a session at our studio, so you can benefit from our extensive library of samples, finishes and visual references. We will start to develop your concepts, including space planning, structural and architectural arrangements, joinery, furniture layout, lighting and electrics. We develop mood boards to determine colour schemes, window and wall treatments, fabrics and finishes.  We will provide you with a draft cost plan and programme schedule.


Detailed Design

Once you approve the high level concepts, we home in on the detail. Each element of the scheme is developed, specified and costed, with all aspects presented for discussion and your approval. As needed, we can take you to visit suppliers, show rooms and previous projects to see/touch any item we specify. For the various trades, we develop full working drawings as required.


Sourcing is a critical element of the project and requires both expertise and a trusted supplier address book. We source according to the brief and keep you informed of progress, providing you with a detailed cost plan of each individual item. We are transparent in our costing and offer all items with the maximum discount available to us, adding a sourcing fee to manage each step of the process from selection, supplier negotiation, customisation, delivery/installation, and any post delivery issues.


Project Co-ordination

Subject to our agreed role, we will make regular site visits to monitor and manage project progress. We expect there will be challenges, but we are your problem solvers and with our project co-ordination expertise, it is our job to get things right within the expected budget, quality and time constraints.


Installation and After Care

With construction and decoration completed, we oversee the installation of all curtains, carpets and rugs, furniture, lighting and artwork, both new and existing. We manage the snagging process to ensure your new interior is delivered as planned.

At the end of the project, the design adventure may be over, but we hope the relationship continues. We remain on hand to address any questions, issues or changes you require.