Clare Gaskin Interiors

Putney Terrace

We designed this Victorian terrace in two phases. Firstly we tackled the dated floorplan and dingy look with renovation work which stripped the property back to its shell. More recently, we made the property work as a family home, finding ways to reflect the personalities of this young family whilst providing much needed storage, so often requested for projects of this type.

The property was dated and unloved. The client wanted a contemporary, light, modern and airy space. During the first phase we opened the ground floor up. Positioning the kitchen at the louder (street) end of the property and with the dining area in the middle. At the rear of the property, benefitting from a side extension, the lounge is situated. We made the lounge feel more spacious by  digging down to increase the ceiling height and feel lighter with a large skylight and glazed french doors opening onto the garden. At first floor level, at the expense of an extra bedroom, our client requested a bigger bathroom, together with two decent sized bedrooms and a cloakroom toilet. There is also a loft extension with bedroom and ensuite Рthe perfect guest suite.

The second phase of works tackled the decorative scheme, which had been left off white (throughout) to allow the client to play with colours over time. The property now needed to reflect the personality of husband and wife rather than one person. Both worked hard to define their loves and hates, and we ensured the space felt like both of theirs. The brief was for a lot of colour, as well as a flow and continuity through the property to ground it and make sense of the pockets of colour and pattern. The couple also needed joinery, the first phase work had not included any joinery (to ensure that the budget was used for the most important, structural areas) but now there was a need to design pieces which met each of their needs as well as tackle the flexibility it would need as they started a family. This project was filled with fun specifications of finishes as well as a lot of time spent on how to create storage wherever we could.